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Title-Pokemon Rainbow Gem Version
Base Rom/Game-Pokemon Platinum (USA)
Main Legendary-Arceus
Storyline-You're a son/daughter of a mobster who dissapered after you were born. After you got older and found out you want to search for him but you need Pokemon so you decide to become a tranier. You're a begginer trainer starting in the region of Rainbow with new and old pokemon. You and your rival have a competitive history ever since you were kids as friends as you got older you both wanted to beat the Elite Four. There is a evil team called Team ZERO who want to capture Arceus and use its power to create a gem called the Rainbow Gem that harneses the power of the Rainbow Reigion and can control all Pokemon and Team ZERO wants to make them build a empire/city called Poketropilis so they can make a profit off of them. When you and your Rival find out about this you both race to The Heart of The Rainbow (Hack of Spear Pillar and Mt.Coronet). To stop Team ZERO. Your goal is to complete the Rainbow Pokedex, become a Pokemon Master, beat Team ZERO, and find the true identity of your father.

*After you beat the game 4 Islands open.
*Starter Island with starters. Legend Island's decription is below the summary is you fight powerful trainers and catch legendaries. Battle Frontier Island which is enhanced with powerful traniers and Brains. BABY ISLAND-has all the baby Pokemon and New Pre Evo's. Level Range Varied.
*The Battle Frontier is back!!! And now instead of Nintendo's 5 challange test mine is the original 8 challange.
*You battle Red Lucario.
*You battle MissingNO.
*You battle Moltreta
*You battle Artauno
*You battle Zapaduo
*You battle Phoenix
*You battle Tidalas
(Later I will explain details how you battle them!!!)
NEW Features
*There's an island called Starter Island which you can catch starters.(Hack of Iron Island)
*After you beat all the game a new island opens called Legend Island with super powerful trainers. If you beat them all you go to the roof and battle one legendary. It never repeats so you have to bring items. (Hack of New Moon Island)
*Baby Island has all the baby Pokemon and New Pre Evo's. Level Range Varied. (Hack of Full Moon Island)
*All the towns are names of gems.
*Battle Frontier is avaliable and expanded.
*New Pokemon (New Pre EVO, EVO, And Legit Looking FAKEMON.)
*Extended Pokedex (Still working on how many Pokemon are in it.)
*493 Pokemon are all catchable.
*Newer Items that evolve certain pokemon like reaper cloth will be sold after you beat E4 and BF.
*Gyms are tougher.
*Unavoidable Trainers Everywhere!!! (DON'T EXPECT MY GAME TO BE AN EASY ONE!!!)
*More areas. (MAYBE? Im trying to see what I can add in)
*MUSIC!!!! Instead of my old idea this is what is going to happen...The Battle Frontier will have a setlist of songs. Gyms, trainer in them, and Leaders will have songs for them. Each Elite Four Member will have a theme and the stadium will have one too. Also when you fight the leader of Team ZERO there will be a theme. And when the credits roll there will be one.(MAYBE? I'll see if it is possible)
*Pokemon that require trading evolve with items or leveling up.(More Info on that will be posted as what Pokemon require what. Also I will post a ReadMe Download File for it and areas for certain Pokemon and items.)
More enhancement info comming soon!!!


1 Scetches
1. Exsisting Pokemon Evolutionary Line Add-ons.
Sniper-The Evolved form of Skarrmory.
Sandio-The Pre Evolved form of Sandshrew.
Glido-The Pre Evolved form of Gligar.
Moltreta-The Pre Evolved form of Moltres. (EVENT POKEMON)
Artauno-The Pre Evolved form of Articuno. (EVENT POKEMON)
Zapaduo-The Pre Evolved form of Zapdos. (EVENT POKEMON)
Yanna-The Pre Evolved form of Yanma
Ditty-The Pre Evolved form of Ditto
Xerox-The Evolved form of Ditto (IT CAN ACTUALLY LEARN MOVES!!!)
Phoenix-The Pre Evolved form of Ho-oh (EVENT POKEMON)
Tidalas-The Pre Evolved form of Lugia (EVENT POKEMON)
Red Lucario-My good friend MicroSD was kind enough to let me use his Red Lucario in my game but I do not own it or have rights to it so it is HIS sprite. Also I will put it as a event Pokemon in the game. The image is in the thumbnail download section you can view it but you can't download it. (EVENT POKEMON)

(Baby Kanghaskhan)Kanga-
My good friend KaidaTheDragon on deviant-art.com was kind enough to let me use her Baby Kanghaskhan drawing as a sprite in my hack as Kanga. The image is in the thumbnail download section you can view it there. This is not my drawing I do not own or have rights to it but I have permission from KaidaTheDragon to use her scetch.
SURFING/FLYING/VOLT TAKLE-After you beat the E4 it will roam around Rainbow but be warned you might mistake it for a ordinary Pikachu and run and if you run or KO it you will never see one again also it may or may not be shiny.(I haven't decided)

Snatchie-A new Pokemon.
Snatcher-A new Pokemon. Evolved form of Snatchie.
Snatchaga-A new Pokemon. Evolved form of Snatcher.
MissingNO-This is the original bird form but mostly made from my imagination because no one has actualy seen the whole bird. (EVENT POKEMON)
Missing-The Breeding result of Ditto, Ditty, or Xerox with MissingNO. (CANNOT EVOLVE TO MissingNO!!!)
The reason is because MissingNo wouldn't be a legend!!!
MewThree-I know this isn't original but it is the way I think MewThree should be.(EVENT POKEMON)
Tornada-A new Pokemon
(These all will be posted when they are PRE Finalized So don't expect them to be perfect scetches.)
Digital Programing
None Yet...

None Yet....

Supporters & Credit
(Everyone who helped me that I didn't metion.)
Last Notes
One thing I forgot to mention the trainer's sprites will NOT be redone due to my lack of time. Only the leaders, E4, BF bcause it needs to be, that is all that will be edited it in the trainer section.
Please Support My Hack.
I still need a team so any offerer will be accepted.
Any and all comments or ideas are needed to enhance this game.
If I use your idea I will put you as a supporter for helping.
Any Requests for New Pokemon, Pre Evos, Or Evos is wanted!!! PLEASE POST!!! YOU WILL BE POSTED AS A SUPPORTER IF YOU HELP OR DO ANYTHING FOR ME!!!
PS I am working on some scetches and a outline on the map so expect to see a great amount of progress by late August .
I am working on scetches but I have been occupied lately so please give me unitl the end of August and I will have some stuff done.